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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Weiherer Schwaerzla

Our Franconian answer to an English Stout.

A top-fermented beer that pours a deep black with a dense head of creamy color. Fine roasted notes of coffee and dried plums hint at what to expect of the taste: dark chocolate and dried raisins embedded in a lean body with a pleasant bitterness. The aromas of the caramel, roasted and special malts dominate the flavor, while the creamy mouthfeel rounds off the Weiherer Schwärzla.

Alcohol content: 5.3%

Specifics: International Craft Beer Award Gold 2019, International Craft Beer Award Silver 2018, World Beer Award 2017 Gold and Country Winner Germany.

Sold in 0.5 liter EURO bottles and in 10/15/20/30 liter kegs