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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Weiherer India Pale Ale

Weiherer India Pale Ale (IPA) pours a dark amber with a soft head of creamy color. As is typical for this strong, top-fermented type of beer, the aroma is dominated by hops with fruity notes such as grapefruit mingling with refreshing pine. The taste has a clear caramel malt backbone. A full, sweet body with balanced carbonation is paired with hoppy notes that are rounded off by a distinct bitter punch in the finish. Follow the instructions on the label: Smell before you drink!

Alcohol content: 6.7%

Original gravity: 16%

Specifics: Dry-hopped, from the Weiherer Special Brews range, served in a Teku Goblet.

Sold in 0.5 liter EURO bottles