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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Weiherer Doppelbock aged in wooden rum barrels

Because beer can tell a story...original Jamaican Rum is a feast for the senses. Unlike other sugar cane spirits, it is characterized by a long aging process in wooden barrels. The longer it ages, the deeper its aromatic profile. This special brew shows what happens when, in the Franconian village of Weiher, a pale Doppelbock rests in a barrel that previously held rum for ten years. And here, too, the senses are by no means left short:

The amber-colored Doppelbock hits the nose with an aromatic scent of vanilla and nutmeg, waking the appetite for a first sip. And it fulfills expectations: a full, yet sweet body with balanced carbonation and notes of caramel and cocoa that grow stronger towards the end. The strong finish with a touch of hop bitterness rounds off the barrel-aged special brew. This Rum-Doppelbock calls out for a food pairing with dark chocolate and chilis or red pepper.

Alcohol content: 12.1%

Original gravity: 23.1%

Specifics: International Craft Beer Award Gold 2022, World Beer Award Silver 2021, International Craft Beer Award Gold 2018; it is served in a champagne bottle with a sommelier glass

Sold in 0.75 liter champagne bottle