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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

B(r)au Blog Part 4

The new face of the future brewery is revealed bit by bit. From August to October 2019, the formwork for the new extension (new brewhouse) was set up. Sewers have to be laid, gullies set and the foundation poured.

Stainless steel chimneys for the steam boilers were installed and the two existing steam boilers were moved to the new boiler house.

After a 4-week waiting period (the concrete foundation first had to harden completely) a tent was erected. This had to be done because rain was reported for the week that the tilers wanted to lay the vibrating floor for the new brewhouse. And that's how it was. So everything is on schedule :-) The vibrating floor was then laid in the areas of the brewhouse and Treberplatz, and the stainless steel railings were set up on the gallery in the extension.

Finally, in this construction section the piping work could begin, specifically the wort line from the brewhouse to the existing fermentation and storage cellars, water supply to the brewhouse, CO2, sterile air and nitrogen lines, glycol lines (needed to cool the new tanks in the new fermentation and yeast cellar) and the hose lines). And then it wasn't long before the new brewhouse could be seen for the very first time. What the Weiher team was thinking at that moment will follow in the next B(r)aublog.