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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Ten years of Weiherer organic beer

Sustainable and environmentally conscious action has become indispensable in our times - also and above all in entrepreneurial activity. For over 30 years, Roland and Oswald Kundmüller have been committed to the foresighted avoidance of future environmental pollution and organic beer has been in Weiher for ten years now brewed - unique in combination as a solar beer.

In 2011 the Weiherer Urstöffla and the Weiherer Keller-Pils got introduced to the market. The Weiherer Urstöffla is the first darker beer from the Weiherer range; powerful, malty and with that special hops note. The Weiherer Keller-Pils is captivating with its cloudy appearance and the natural herbal notes of the organic hops, which give the beer its very special note.

In 2017 the Weiherer Bio-Zwickerla Dunkel followed. It is a dark beer, naturally cloudy, with nice roasted and malty notes, a slim body but extra tasty. In 2019 the competition of specialities of the metropolitan region recognised it as "Our Original“. The Urstöffla and the Keller-Pils can also call numerous awards their own, as well as the Weiherer OSw-ALT. The Franconian Altbier was originally created once by the Weiherer employees as a birthday present for chef OSWALD Kundmüller. But because it was so well received, it is regularly filled into bottles and kegs until today - pun including.

All Weiherer organic beers have one thing in common: 100 percent raw materials from organic cultivation are the basis for organic quality. The best organic hops from the Halletrau give the beers their aroma and bitterness, while high-quality regional organic malt from Franconia provides color and body. Guaranteed GMO-free ingredients secure the future, constant quality controls the quality. The protected brand Solarbier® also guarantees that Weiherer beers are produced exclusively with renewable energies. With the purchase of the beers from the Weiherer product range, the consumer contributes to the preservation of the planet. A pleasure for our environment and for us !