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Right here, right now - just without

Sensational"! Or: “Alcohol-free? But I would have never bet on that !” These are just some of the comments from well-known Franconian musicians about the two new non-alcoholic Weiherer beer specialties. The regional artists Dorfrocker, Bambägga and SoulJam participated in a blind tasting and got engaged in a video show-casing the Kundmüller brewery presenting theWeiherer Weizen Alcohol-Free and the Weiherer Zwickerla Alcohol-Free to the public for the first time.

The video is a one minute shot full of infotainment and the Kundmüller brewery sets the point that alcohol-free beer is no longer just a drink for drivers. Nowadays, its consumption is much more associated with attributes such as a sense of responsibility, health, sport and, last but not least, great taste and enjoyment - enjoyment that also comes to your mind when listening to the sound of your favorite bands. Numerous studies show that beer does not necessarily have to contain alcohol if it tastes good. This became more than clear during the blind tasting, which took place in Weiher under strict compliance with the Corona hygiene measures.

Roland and Oswald Kundmüller, owners of the Kundmüller Brewery, have been following the upward trend in alcohol-free beers for quite some time and are releasing two non-alcoholic beer specialties onto the market for real connoisseurs. Oswald Kundmüller explains: “Plenty time, we discussed and rethought what a really good non-alcoholic beer should be for us. Because primarily the taste has to match the character of our Franconian beer specialties. In other words: Now and without - without alcohol but with a lot of taste. „
Alcohol-free beer - from a driver's beer to a trendy drink
The days when non-alcoholic beer was at most a stopgap solution for drivers have definitely passed by. Nowadays there are plenty different variants of the „zero beers", which ensure a great variety of flavors. This goes hand in hand with the rapidly growing popularity, which is undermined by statistics and numbers. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the consumption of alcohol-free beers has doubled in the last ten years and the really big boom began in 2008. Meanwhile, every 15th liter of beer produced in Germany is alcohol-free. This makes Germany's brewers world leaders in the production of non-alcoholic beers.

Today's non-alcoholic beers taste very different than they used to be

Over the time, brewers have developed modern and technically complex processes; It is not uncommon for several different methods to be combined in order to brew high-quality beers and fully exploit the maximum of taste. "The great art of brewing non-alcoholic beers is that the typical notes and unmistakable malt and hop aromas are retained," explains master brewer Roland Kundmüller "It's all a question of technology that makes the difference in taste. With the dealcoholization process, all the typical aromas and the mouthwatering taste are fully preserved. In the end, you have a real beer, just without alcohol," he says.

And this is how the new non-alcoholic Weiherer beer specialties taste:

- Weiherer Zwickerla Alkoholfrei:

Full-bodied in taste, refreshing in effect. That is the Weiherer Zwickerla Alkoholfrei. The naturally cloudy beer specialty is a traditionally brewed cellar beer from which alcohol has been carefully removed. Therefore, the Weiherer Zwickerla Non-Alcoholic is not only convincing in terms of taste, but is also reduced in calories and a good thirst quencher after exercise.

- Weiherer Weizen Alkoholfrei:

Fruity, naturally cloudy, refreshing. That is the Weiherer Weizen Alkoholfrei. The top-fermented beer specialty convinces with its citrus-like aroma in the nose and taste. The refreshing effect is enhanced by the slim body and dry finish. A fine treat for sports enthusiasts and mobile beer lovers.

The two new non-alcoholic Weiher beer specialties are now available in well-stocked beverage stores, online at and in the in-house beverage market in Weiher.

There were: George from SoulJam, Bambägga Jonas, the village rockers Markus, Philipp and Tobias, Steffi from the Gaudirockers , Music lovers Hans and Michael from Rickbop & the Hurricans.

We are already looking forward to seeing and hearing you all live again!