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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Organic beers

Organic foods have become an integral part of daily life and that’s a good thing. They are regarded as the basis of healthy nutrition and help protect the environment by creating eco-friendly production conditions. The Kundmüller brewery supports these efforts and introduced two organic beers in 2011 – the Weiherer Urstöffla and the Weiherer Keller-Pils.

100% Organic ingredients

100 percent organically cultivated raw materials provide the basis for organic quality. Excellent organic hops add aroma and bitterness, while top-quality Franconian organic malts give the beer its special color and body. Guaranteed GMO-free ingredients safeguard the future, permanent control assures the quality.

Click here for our organic beers: 

Weiherer Organic-Zwickerla Dunkel

Weiherer Keller-Pils

Weiherer Urstöffla