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Bamberg district awarded Golden Beer Idea

With the award „Golden Beer Idea“ the Bavarian Brewers Association honours every year people or initiatives who make a contribution to the presentation of Bavarian beer specialities. This year, the award was given to the Bamberg district for its beer series „36 Kreisla“ - very much to the delight of Roland and Oswald Kundmüller who played a key role in this idea and its outcome.

In his laudation, Dr. Lothar Ebbertz, Managing Director of the Bayerischer Brauerbund eV, praised District Administrator Johann Kalb, who was the initiator and generator of the “36 Kreisla” initiative who already committed to promoting the special regional beer culture of his home country in the first year of his 7-year term in office - also as a clear signal of how important the breweries in his district to him and how strongly he identifies with them.

This beer idea was particularly noticeable among the many submissions because the district beer "36 Kreisla" has become the drinkable expression of a feeling of togetherness of the brewers, but also of the people in the district who value the diversity of the breweries as part of regional identity and who are proud of its special feature of their homeland. Just like the Kundmüller brothers, who for this reason also planned and brewed the first "36 Kreisla“ beer together with District Administrator Kalb and the breweries Huppendorfer and Drei Kronen Scheßlitz … to be continued.