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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

New: Weiherer Mix Cola Orange

Refreshing, fruity, extremely tasty. This is the new Weiherer Mix Cola Orange - the Cola Mix from the Bamberg region.

Like all Weiherer beers, the Weiherer Mix is also handcrafted onsite in the heart of the brewery - as usual for the Kundmüller Brewery, only with high-quality ingredients. "We wanted to make a Cola Mix that can be seen alongside all the Weiher beers. It tastes great, is refreshingly fruity and, like our classic beers, really tasty," says brewmaster and owner Roland Kundmüller about the Kundmüller brewery's homemade lemonade. Above all, its main characteristics are definitively the natural fruity notes and a taste experience far away from sticky sweetness.

As befits a brewery Cola Mix, the Weiherer Mix is filled into a beer bottle and sealed with a crown cap. The retro design alludes to earlier times, times that owner Oswald Kundmüller still remembers well. "When Roland and I were still children, we were always especially good when we got a lemonade from our parents. Then we sat down on the steps in front of the restaurant and enjoyed it very, very devoutly."

The Weiherer Mix Cola Orange is now available directly at the Kundmüller brewery, in the in-house beverage market in Weiher and in well-stocked beverage stores.