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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

holidays in Bamberg region

Our Kundmüller brewery inn in Weiher near Bamberg is idyllicly situated in the middle of pure, unspoiled nature. The region in and around Bamberg has a lot to offer and is therefore particularly made for a relaxing holiday - especially in times like these.

The district of Bamberg is located in the heart of Franconia. It is part of three nature parks: the contemplative Hassberge in the northwest, the wild-romantic Fränkische Schweiz in the east and the varied Steigerwald in the west. In between there are wild and fertile valleys close to the rivers Main and Regnitz. In the middle of this impressive natural landscape lies the city of Bamberg, whose historical town center is a UNESCO Wold Heritage Site. Numerous cycling and hiking trails invite you to actively discover the region.

Landscape, sights and (beer) culture

Bamberg county has so much to offer: wether you hike, cycle or decide for a bit more of adventure in climbing or canoeing, give it a try and discover sights such as the monastery in Ebrach, the biggest baroque palace in Germany, Weissenstein castle in Pommersfelden, the prince-bishop´s hunting lodge Seehof in Memmelsdorf, the Giechburg near Scheßlitz or the Levi Strauss museum in Buttenheim,... all of them are cultural-historical testimonials and the valuable “bricks in the wall” for the quality and liveability in the Bamberg region. 

More information and inspiration on day trips can be found HERE.

The district of Bamberg is the beating heart of “Oberfranken”, the region of leisure. Cultural highlights are completed with the culinary ones: there’s always freshly tapped beer on hand as well as the regionally grown wine, that combines great with the Franconian cuisine - and last but not least, the typical hospitality of the Franconians.

With 64 breweries, the Bamberg district has the highest brewery density per capita in the world. In hundreds of restaurants, 82 beer gardens and 34 beer cellars, visitors can enjoy the traditional good fare. Countless are the types of beer brewed just in this region. One of the outstanding brews is the “36 Kreisla”, which was co-developed by the Kundmüller brewery in 2015.

Cycling experience

Discover the diverse landscape of the Bamberg county with its different elevation profiles, using a cycle route network with over 700 kilometres of signposted cycle paths and numerous family-friendly, nature and adventure oriented tours - whether touring or racing cyclist, mountain biker or just for fun rider - everyone will find the right trail and a special experience “on the road” is guaranteed. The so-called Franconian Tuscany invites you with curved hills, the Steigerwald with ancient giant trees, the Fränkische Schweiz with striking rock formations; castles and palaces, sculptures and works of art all lined up along the path. And, of course, do not forget to get off your saddle and into the various brewery inns and beer cellars that will give you a hearty welcome.

Hiking experience

Seven hills and narrow streets - that is Bamberg and therefore predestined to be explored by foot. Many thematic city walks will bring you closer to the stories that have been written here, with every step you will dive into the history of the town. But the real treasure for hikers is the surrounding region of Bamberg. Located in the middle of three nature parks, a wonderful cultural landscape awaits you with many varied hikes in pure and unspoiled nature. The local tourist information office provides you free of charge with a brochure that presents 37 selected day and half-day tours of distances between 5 and 26 kilometres, city walks and hikes in the wild-romantic surrounding area - with route description, map section, height profile, connection to public transport, sights, gastronomy and other special features along the route.

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