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Brauerei Kundmüller Weiher

Now and new: The Weiherer OSw-Alt

In March 2020 Oswald Kundmüller turned 50 years old. The celebration could not take place due to Corona, but the Weiherer staff still insisted on brewing a birthday beer as a gift for their boss.

Already three years ago, the „Rolator“ was created for Roland Kundmüller´s birthday, a Doppelbock - play on words included. This time, too, the team around master brewer Michael Popp allowed free play to their creativity and brewed an Altbier - its name is a mixture of Ossi´s first name and the beer style - OSw-Alt.

Since barrels were left over due to the canceled birthday party, the OSw-Alt was on tap in the beer garden of the brewery-inn in early summer, „with a very positive response,“ as master brewer Michael Popp remembers. Therefore the management decided spontanously to send the beer to the Meininger International Craft Beer Awards competition. The result: The Weiherer OSw-Alt was promptly awarded the gold medal.

For this reason it was more than clear: the ranconian Altbier must definitively be included in the Weiherer Special Brew range. And as the original brew was already brewed with raw materials grom organic farming, the Weiherer OSw-Alt is now an officially certified organic beer.

Altbier is a dark, top-fermented type of beer that is traditionally brewed in North Rhine-Westphalia / in the greater area of Düsseldorf. The OSw-Alt, on the other hand, comes from Franconia and we call it Franconia Altbier for a reason. In the classical beer styles, the Franconian palate often doesn’t like the bitterness, which is why the OSw-Alt has just a little of the bitter taste. In the nose and on the palate, this deep brown beer convinces with its fine nutty-malty aroma, with a hint of raisins in the taste. Its light body and straight lines make it a very drinkable beer. A beer for lovers of dark beer styles with a rounded taste and character.

Alcohol content: 5.2%

Original gravity: 12.6%

Special features: Organic beer, Gold at International Craft Beer Award 2020

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